Tips for Granite Uses in High-Traffic Backyards

Granite is a wonderful material to incorporate into your backyard landscaping because it helps define borders, attracts the eye to certain areas, and adds a polished look to the overall design of a backyard when used strategically. People who have high-traffic backyards should carefully consider when and where to use granite for added safety and convenience.

Placement Is Everything in a High-Traffic Backyard

As you survey your backyard, you probably will get a few ideas about the look you want to achieve, however, before you get a workable idea, you need to consider the flow of traffic in the area. A primary concern for those who have pets and children should be keeping granite rocks used for landscaping away from areas where pets roam and children run and play.

Walking across rocks can be dangerous for pets’ feet and can cause bruising, which is why it isn’t ideal for use on walking paths. In addition, small children will have the same issue, and may even put them in their mouth. It’s better to use large concrete stepping stones or poured cement for walking paths and common areas.

Large chunks of granite are great for attracting the eye to a certain section of the backyard. However, it is best to place decomposed or shattered granite where there are borders for flower gardens, between and around trees and bushes, and perhaps between patio areas and flower gardens.

Quality Materials Make the Difference

Those who want to get the most out of their efforts to incorporate granite into their backyard landscaping should research decorative rock Las Vegas options. A company can provide high-quality, reasonably priced granite landscaping material that gives the look you want. Make sure to purchase high-grade granite so that it will look fantastic once it’s in place.