How to Use Less Water During the Dry Season

Anyone who lives in Las Vegas knows that the dry season can wreak havoc on their homes, lawns and gardens. Not only can the lack of water kill your favorite plants, but you may face restrictions on how much water you can use indoors too. With some easy tips, you can feel comfortable during drought season and use less water.

Make a Game

The more water that you use inside during the dry season, the less you have to use outside. Making things into a game can make things a little more fun for your family. Instead of arguing over how long they can shower, you can turn it into a game and give prizes to those who shower the fastest. You can also come up with little games when it comes to using water to cook and clean too.

Change Your Landscaping

During the long, hot and dry summer, you might find that you can’t use as much water as you would like on your lawn and in your garden. An easy way to reduce the amount of water you need is with a change to your landscaping. Instead of using lush plants and green grass that needs gallons of water, consider bringing in a touch of the desert with some rocks and stones. Landscapers can use decorative rock in Las Vegas to create a gorgeous garden and a beautiful landscape that is suitable for entertaining friends and relaxing with your family.

Add Some Green

Artificial turf is another great way you can reduce your water usage. Though it looks just as lush as a natural lawn, it doesn’t require watering or a lot of maintenance. You can enjoy the look of real grass during the longest of droughts and without grabbing your garden hose. This summer, use some of these tips to significantly reduce the amount of water that your Vegas home needs until the drought is over.