Adding an Irrigation System to Your Landscape

Adding an irrigation system to your landscape in Las Vegas can be extremely tricky. The Las Vegas climate is hot and dry, often with no rain for weeks. You have to really get a handle on specific steps that are required for an irrigation system to be properly installed.

If you’re using real grass, there are even more important things to consider when installing irrigation. Green grass is not natural to the desert. Many people use artificial grass for that reason.

Adding an Irrigation System in Las Vegas

If you’re adding an irrigation system in Las Vegas, you’ve got a bit of a challenge on your hands.

First, complete your landscaping. Many people acquire their landscape rocks in Las Vegas knowing that they will install irrigation. Professionals may be able to give you landscaping tips.

After you’ve done that, and you’ve completed your landscaping, it’s time to get busy adding your new irrigation.

The first thing you need to do is to consider a drip irrigation system. They are ideal for desert plants because they are able to apply water very slowly. They also provide water deeply to the root zone of plants.

This is important because it allows the very dry desert soil time to absorb water that might evaporate otherwise. Or, the water might simply run off.

Maintenance of drip irrigation systems is very important. You want to make sure you continue to allow your drip irrigation system to improve the health of the plants, as they are known for doing.

Drip irrigation systems also naturally decrease pests and weeds. They “starve out” weeds that usually compete with plants for water. They also keep the leaves of plants dry, so pests can’t drink the water they might be accustomed to with other forms of irrigation.

Other Things to Consider

You need to be sure to dial 811 in Las Vegas so you don’t hit any underground power lines before you dig. This is for your safety and the safety of your neighbors as well. When you dial 811, you’ll get the “Call Before You Dig Hotline.”