Artificial grass6 Tips for Choosing Artificial Grass Your Dog Will Love Too

With the benefits of artificial turf being too good to ignore, it’s no surprise when dog owners have decided to have them installed for their fur babies. Real grass and dogs are not a perfect combination because of the acid found in their urine, and dog owners couldn’t be more excited to own a cheap lawn and easy to maintain.

The pet industry has, with time, exploded due to the different varieties of artificial turf available on the market. Dogs love to run, dig and jump around. This is why you need to get something resistant to the wear caused by their excited paws. Armed with the following tips, you will be able to settle on the perfect artificial turf for your dog.

1. Check the Pile Height

Pile fibers made from polyethylene and polypropylene are hard-wearing because they are short. If you decide to have artificial grass made from these two plastics, getting them in a pile height between 22mm-30mm is better. Artificial turf is available in various materials; if you prefer to have it nylon, getting it at a pile height between 22mm-35 is best for your dog. This is because the constant stump from your dog is handled better by hard-wearing fibers.

However, it all depends on your personal preferences. If you are enthusiastic about the look of freshly cut grass, you should go for artificial with a 25mm pile height. If you love long grass, settling on a pile height of 35mm may be the best decision for you and your dog.

2. Learn Pet Turf Terminology

If you are intentional about getting the best artificial grass for your dog, getting a hold of pet terminologies is one of the best things. This way, you will learn the terminologies alone and the right preferences for your dog. Learning the terms also equips you with the knowledge that helps you compare different brands and make the most informed decisions.

Such terminologies include:

● Yarn: These are the thread of fibers that make up the artificial turf, and they comprise three main types, i.e., polyethylene, nylon, and polypropylene.
● To make the turf grass appear more realistic, artificial turf producers incorporate a layer of thatch with curly brown threads to creatively mimic dead grass. Thatch layers are not necessary, but they indicate quality turf and create a springy cushion favorable for dogs and humans to step on.
● Density: Density is the blade count per square inch with a great density signifying a quality product.
● Pile Height: It is the fiber length.
● Face Weight: Indicates the weight of the material used to make the turf grass.

3. Determine Odor Control Techniques

When purchasing artificial turf, it is advisable to settle on one that has micro-bacterial agents in the yarn. The agents help minimize the odor produced by the dog’s urine by killing the bacteria and making the turf grass safe for their playtime. The odor control technique greatly helps reduce the maintenance that would have been regularly, but you always have to pick after your dog after they run around.

To ensure the turf is odor-free, ensure you clean it regularly using the right products so that you do not cause any damage that may affect its quality. By affecting its quality, you potentially ruin the comfort of your dogs and may cause harm in the long run. When purchasing artificial tour grass, ensure you inquire about the right cleaning products. Decorative Landscape Rock in Las Vegas offer quality Las Vegas turf, and decorative rocks, among other landscaping boulders. Check them out if you need quality turf grass for your dog.

4. Evaluate Company Reputation

When looking for a company to install your turf grass, research more on its reputation and its previous success stories with artificial grass installations. The right company ensures that your installation is done the first time correctly, using the right equipment and guaranteeing its longevity. Do not hesitate to check the reviews from past customers and what the finishing will look like. Going for newcomers in artificial turf installation is not recommended as you may not be as pleased with the final look.

Synthetic grass installation has become popular, prompting many people to jump into the industry without proper information and experience. This way, you can be easily swayed to purchase their products without a guarantee of warranty in case the turf grass wears out unusually. One reputable company to approach your needs is Decorative Rocks Las Vegas, which has been in operation for more than thirty decades with different landscaping boulders.

5. Check on the Drainage Mechanism

One of the important factors to consider when purchasing turf grass is the drainage technique. The artificial grass is kept clean and dry with proper drainage regardless of when your dog pees on it. Before purchase, discuss the size of your dog with your installer and let them decide on the right type and size. If you have multiple dogs, ensure the drainage is better, and the size is bigger to ensure the dog does not piss on one spot continuously, which can attract bacteria.

The type of artificial grass and installation method depends on your dog’s activities. Alternatively, homes with a large dog have different artificial grass needs than homes with a toy breed. The drainage helps drain their pee and during cleaning. It should dry faster to avoid creating dump conditions that are a breeding point for bacteria. Read about these patio ideas that are meant to last!

6. Keep Your Dog’s Behavior In Mind

There are different types of fake grass, and getting the perfect one boils down to personal preference. Does your fur baby love to make a lot of mess when releasing themselves? Getting a shorter pile might be the better option if you are not a fan of picking it up. If your dog is large and heavy, get turf grass that has the bounce-back ability so that the grass does not flatten out after a short while. If you have more than one dog, you can also use a shorter pile of artificial grass, with long and extremely soft grass being the best if your dog is the papered and spoilt type. An extremely active dog requires a quality installation with strong barking to survive through clawing and digging.

Final Thoughts

Areas where a healthy is tedious to maintain require pet owners to install artificial grass for their dogs. When selecting the right material, check on the costs, too, because artificial grasses are an investment that needs proper planning. Whereas the higher quality products may cost more, they are more durable and promise you and your dog a good time.