Incorporating decorative stones into your Las Vegas garden can help you save on the time and expense that are associated with maintaining your landscaping. Decorative rocks can serve as a backdrop for container gardens or they can be coordinated with existing garden plants and hardscaping elements.

Decorative Rock Gardens

Las Vegas gardeners are using everything from river rocks to marble chips in their yards. Integrating decorative rocks into your Las Vegas garden can help your landscaping stay aesthetically appealing while making it more draught-resistant. Although decorative rocks may be more expensive than mulch initially, they don’t have to be replaced every year. That means you’ll save money in the long run. Rocks, stones and pebbles also act as deterrents to weed growth, although you should use them in conjunction with a weed barrier of some sort for optimal results. Here are some tips for using decorative rocks in your garden.

Working With Large Rocks

Large boulders look particularly great when you’re using them to accent ornamental cacti or climbing plants like rock cress, portulaca or periwinkle. Fill in the gaps between the plants with pebbles whose colors contrast with the larger boulders you’ve chosen. Boulders also make interesting focal points in smaller yard spaces, which can easily appear cluttered if they’re crowded with too many plants.

Working With River Stones

If you have a pond or some other type of water landscaping in your backyard, river stones will help you showcase this feature. Choose medium-sized stones, but vary them in color and shape if you want to achieve the best effect. River stones also create depth and visual appeal if you use them alongside pathways, patios and other hardscaping elements.

Container Gardens

Many Las Vegas residents have opted to take their standing gardens out entirely, decorating that space in mosaic formations that incorporate the color, shape and texture of pebbles and smaller stones instead. This type of landscaping not only cuts down on the time and expense associated with watering, it also makes a perfect backdrop for container gardens. Coordinate the colors of the container plants you choose with the stones you’re using in your landscaping.