How to Create an Outdoor Desert Oasis

If you live in a hot desert environment, you might think that obtaining a beautiful desert oasis is out of your reach. However, you will be delighted to know that this is possible, and you won’t have to use tons of water to maintain it either. Here are some of our best strategies for making this dream come true.

Stones Are Your Best Friend

Maintaining lush green grass in a desert climate can be a real hassle, not to mention the enlarge water bill you’re going to see. Therefore, one of the best alternatives you can choose from are stones. You can find a variety of stones either within your location or from a big box store. In addition, these stones can be utilized for both having an alternative to grass or as a walkway around your chosen area. Choosing to buy pavers in Las Vegas might be your best bet as they are local and can handle your type of project.

Don’t Forget About the Centerpiece of Your Desert Oasis

There is no better way to bring everything together than by adding a centerpiece. If you’re the type that wants some water elements in their oasis, you are in luck. One of the best ways to add water and tie everything together is to add a fountain. Contrary to popular belief, water fountains don’t waste as much water as people think. Much of the water you see is, in fact, being used and re-used.

Add Cacti

Flowers and other types of gardening might be out of the question within a desert environment, but it sure isn’t off the table. A great way to add color to your outdoor oasis is to add a cactus to it. Cacti come in a variety of shapes and colors which allow you to really play with the idea. In addition, they don’t require much water to survive the harsh desert-like climates of a Las Vegas or Arizona.