How to Lay Turf from a Professional Perspective

You’ve probably wanted to lay turf in your desert-like compound and reduce water usage in your home. The chances are that you will need professional assistance. Here are some important points you’d love to know about turf laying in Vegas.

Dig Deep

If you want to lay turf Las Vegas, you need to dig deep. Many people are not aware that for a sustainable lawn, which is strong, the grass needs to have deep roots. Deep roots will be used in drawing nutrients and water from the soil. It is highly recommended that you cultivate your soil to the maximum depth that you can attain.

Deep roots will help your grass to survive during the dry season. Grass lawns with deeper roots have also been known to withstand heavy footfall and diseases. Professional landscapers recommend that you lay your turf to a minimum of fifteen centimeters and a maximum of thirty centimeters.

Improve Your Soil

After you lay turf in Vegas, you will not get an opportunity to improve the soil beneath. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance. You need to do it in the best way possible. Unlike in flower and vegetable beds, you will not get another chance to improve your soil. You need to do it right because you will do it once.

Obviously, it is difficult to understand how to improve your soil, unless you’re a trained horticulturalist. The only feasible method that you can use to enhance your Las Vegas turf area is mixing your soil with good and quality topsoil.

Use Pre-turfing Fertilizer

You should not take risks or ignore the nutrients levels in your Vegas turf area. Fresh turf requires many nutrients so that it can be able to recover from the stress of transport and harvesting. Nutritional building blocks are essential at this stage as they help your turf to grow healthy leaves and roots. Pre-turfing fertilizer is a necessity, especially if you are interested in speeding the rate at which your lawn acclimatizes to its new conditions.