Paved patios are both functional and stylish, with more available options than ever thanks to the pavers themselves. Check out three top paver design trends of the year for discussion when considering patio designs and color options!

Minimal Color

minimal color pavers

You may favor “sedate” earth tones depending on where you live, as such hues are often popular among those who live out west. Earth tones generally work well with the drought-tolerant plants and flowers that make up most western gardens, so think about how the pavers will look set against your favorite plants, as well as patio furniture and other accents. A three-block pattern consisting of neutral gray and brown tones looks stunning when paired with other items that represent the climate/location.

Contrasting Colors


photo courtesy of Fiore Garden Designs

Live in an area featuring lush yards and architecture to match? These locations are ideal for pavers featuring contrasting colors, as there’s no risk of them looking tacky or out of place. Think warm hues, such as pale gray and terracotta, to achieve the perfect balance. Arranging them in a formal pattern creates a traditional look. Experimenting with patterns, such as herringbone or chevron, is part of the fun. Layout different patterns to see which one works best for your home and landscaping.

Multicolor Patterns

Pavestone Plaza Old Town Blend Rectangle and Square

One of the more recent paver trends is designing patterns featuring multiple colors. Inspired by the brighter-hued natural stone pavers imported from Asia, this trend is all about variation, and works especially well when patio furniture is white or other muted in color. The one drawback? Capitalizing on this trend may ultimately make your patio look dated, whereas minimal and contrasting colors will never go out of style.


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