Three Benefits of Boulder Fences

When your dog keeps getting out and running down the street, you have kids that you don’t want wandering the neighborhood and you need to keep wild and city pets from entering your lawn, you need to put up a fence. Many homeowners choose fences made from wood panels or chain link, but you can enjoy some great benefits when you go with boulders over those other materials.

Natural and Unique Look

Adding a fence made from wood security panels can make your neighbors think that you have something to hide. Choosing boulders for your Vegas lawn lets you use rocks that are just as high, but those rocks create a more natural look that blends with the desert look of your lawn. These rocks also create a more unique look that will turn heads. That new fence may add some value to your home too.

More Protection

When making fences from boulders Las Vegas homeowners will love just how much protection these fences offer. Choosing large stones will give the privacy that you desire when grilling out with friends or having a birthday party for your child. Those boulders can keep others from peering into your yard as you spend time outside. A fence made from large stones can keep your family and lawn safe from robbers too. These fences are hard to climb over because the stones lack any areas where they can place their hands.

Ample Choices

The best reason to make a fence from boulders is because you can create your own unique and custom design. Not only can you pick the size of the rocks used in that fence, but you can decide how to arrange and put those rocks together. You can stick to just one color with some natural shade variances or use completely different colors. Though you can pick a fence made from any materials, boulder fences give you more options, offer more protection and have a more unique and natural look.