Top Three Reasons to Consider Bigfoot Pavers

Bigfoot pavers are quite large and are considered ideal for stone walkways. Many walkways use smaller stones and that’s fine if you’re wearing strong shoes. This can hurt your feet if you’re barefoot or have thinner shoes. This will cover some of the benefits of bigfoot stones and why you should consider getting them.


The biggest reason to choose this type of paver is its size. These stones are 24 by 24 inches in size. That makes them ideal for stone walkways. You can also use them on grass or if you buy turf in Las Vegas. You’ll want large pavers because they provide lots of room for you to walk around.

Smaller stones might barely have enough room for your foot. Bigfoot stones ensure you can walk around with ease. In many cases, even two people can fit on each stone without any problems.

Smooth and Stable

Like any other flagstone paver, Bigfoot stones are smooth and stable once they are installed. This makes your walk very comfortable whether you’re wearing strong shoes or walking barefoot. You won’t have to worry about the stones hurting your feet, and their size and weight ensure they are quite stable.

This is especially important for those who need help moving around. You shouldn’t have to worry about the stone shifting when you walk on it. You also shouldn’t have to worry about a cane, walker or other mobility aids getting caught on the stone since it’s smooth.

Bigfoot Pavers Are Cost-Efficient

Bigfoot stones are cost-efficient, both now and in the future. They are relatively inexpensive. You also only need a few stones to cover a whole walkway. These stones are quite durable and should last for a long time with minimal maintenance. Not only that, but even the installation is easy and will require less time and money to add to your yard.