Helpful Irrigation Tips for Maintaining Las Vegas Yards

Las Vegas is known for many things. One thing that residents recognize is consistent droughts and water restrictions. It’s understandable because it ensures that everyone gets water, but it makes it hard to maintain your lawn. These smart irrigation tips will ensure that you can easily keep your plants happy and hydrated throughout the year.

Smart Irrigation Scheduling

One of the best watering tips is to schedule your irrigation to use your water as effectively as possible. There are many affordable timers that allow you to set when the irrigation system goes on and off. While rain isn’t always common in Las Vegas, it’s a boon and you don’t want to waste water when it’s coming freely from the sky.

There are many timers with rain sensors that will suspend watering if rain is coming. Be sure to get these timers when you buy turf in Las Vegas.

The Right Plants

Some plants need significantly less water than others. These plants are often the same size as more water-hungry flowers, and they are usually just as vibrant. They just happen to be hardier and need less water. This is perfect because you can use less water and still have a colorful yard.

Check into drought-resistant plants for your Las Vegas lawn and you can easily find specimens that require much less water. This is also known as xeriscaping.

Regular Inspections

Since they are automated, people rarely pay much attention to their irrigation systems. Even the slightest problem with the system can drastically reduce how effective the watering is. A kink in the pipe means that more pressure is needed for water to come through, and any tears will result in water shooting out the side.

Be sure to inspect your irrigation system regularly. Just look it over once a week and ensure that everything is still working well.