What Travertine Finishes Are Available?

Travertine is a natural limestone that is found near hot springs and limestone caves. It is formed similarly to marble, but with higher pressure and temperature. It is made of a mixture of calcium carbonate and other minerals that give travertine a distinctive character. The stone is cut and polished in several ways, and travertine finishes can make for attractive flooring.

Highly Polished and Honed

A high glossy polish makes the stone smooth and shiny. It has a reflective surface and is often preferred for commercial lobbies, high-end restaurants and hotels.

Honed tiles are also highly polished with a smooth surface, but the shine is not glossy. The low-shine matte finish is preferred for residential interior design.

Some Travertine Finishes Are Tumbled for the Outdoors

The cut stone is put in a rubber-coated barrel similar to a clothes dryer and tumbled with a little water, abrasive grit and acid. This produces a rustic ancient look that is favored for outdoor spaces with lots of greenery. When planning your beautiful outdoor landscaping, you may like to buy turf in Las Vegas to complement your travertine flagstones. The main difference between tumbled and brushed travertine is the edges.

Brushed Flagstones

Brushed stone also produces a natural appearance. The stone is scrubbed with a wire wheel or brush until it has the desired texture. The result is a rough texture with a matte finish.

Finally, a flat cut finish has no honing, tumbling, brushing or polishing. It has the most natural appearance. The raw stone is simply cut into the size of the tile you want with a wet saw.

Travertine is a porous material, and the raw tiles will have small holes. These can be left untouched for a natural look or filled in with a mixture of travertine dust and a hardener, so it perfectly matches the stone.

Travertine is one of the most beautiful stones available for both indoor flooring and outdoor landscaping. You can choose the finish that will suit the area where you want it installed.