Incorporating Trees into Your Backyard

Trees, along with landscape rocks in Las Vegas are two of the most popular features of desert landscaping. Just as rocks provide interest and grandeur in a garden, trees are also important. Some houses come with large trees that have been there for decades, but if you have the chance to plant your own, you need to plan.

Plants for Shade

If you are planning to grow plants for shade, Bottle Trees are one good choice. They are native to Australia but thrive in Las Vegas. They can be planted close to your house and will provide shade all summer. They are quick-growing but require special care with occasional deep watering for the first years as a sapling.

There are many varieties of Acacia that provide shade in Las Vegas. The Sweet Acacia grows to 30 feet and spreads its branches to provide excellent shade. It is a popular choice for patios and entryways.

Colorful Trees for Beauty

Some people don’t realize many colorful plants thrive in a desert landscape. Start with Oleander. It is an evergreen desert tree that is normally a shrub but can be pruned into a tree. It has brilliantly colored blossoms.

Crape Myrtle is another colorful desert tree. It has bright pink blossoms and is medium-sized. If you want something taller consider Museum Palo Verde. It has a sprawling, yellow canopy and is taller than the others. Of course, palm trees are always a good choice and there are several varieties. They give good shade, grow tall and will live for years.

Mesquite and Other Plants

The Mesquites are popular with fragrant wood and flowers but are best left to grow as they please because they are not easy to train. You will find a wide variety of trees that are drought tolerant and thrive in the desert.#Las Vegas