The Best Landscaping Rocks for Turf Grass

Landscaping rocks come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. While every landscaping rock is beautiful, you can make the most of them by pairing them with the right plants and turf grass. This guide will show you some of the best rocks for the Las Vegas environment so that your landscaping looks as beautiful as possible.

Palpatine Slate and Turf Grass

Palpatine slate is a beautiful landscaping rock that comes in larger chunks and is a natural bluish-white color. While many rocks give your environment a warmer appearance, this gives your yard a cooler appearance. Not only that, but it strongly contrasts most plants and grass. This allows them to really pop when people look at your entire yard.

If you want your Las Vegas turf and plants to really stand out, then this landscaping rock might be the best.

Red Granite

The complete opposite of Palpatine slate, red granite tends to have a stronger red color that can dominate a landscape and bring attention to the rocks. At the same time, when paired with the right turf Las Vegas and plants, it complements the landscape very well and brings the entire design together.

Be sure to consider the color of your rock when choosing turf grass as everything must be in harmony.

Copper Rose

If you like the idea of a red stone but found that red granite was a little too powerful, the copper rose can be a good choice. Not only does it pair well with Las Vegas turf and plants, but it also creates an harmonious environment where trees and other natural structures really shine.

Copper rose ranges from a lighter red to a soft brown. While the color will of course be different from one batch to the next, the larger pieces tend to be lighter than smaller ones. Keep this in mind when choosing the rock size.

Barkstone With Turf Grass

Just as it sounds, barkstone is a strong brown rock that works in almost any landscaping. The rich brown color pairs perfectly with trees and woody plants. Not only that, but the human eye expects brown and green in nature, so this gives your yard a more natural appearance. It also soft contrasts many flowers, which allows their colors to look even brighter.

While slate and red granite give you strong colors, sometimes a neutral stone like barkstone is the best for your yard. This stone plays well with turf grass, almost every flower, trees and every other element in your landscaping.

Mexican Beach Pebbles

If you want to give your landscaping some beach flair, then Mexican beach pebbles might be the best for you. These stones are sizable and have soft edges. This ensures that people see them, and their softer texture tends to have a calming effect that gives your whole landscape a relaxed feel.

While the color differs between each batch, these pebbles tend to have a softer, neutral color that plays well with other elements in your yard. These stones are primarily gray and a soft blue, but they can also be white, yellow or a soft brown. These other colors tend to be less common, which adds a pop of color here and there throughout your yard and brightens up your artificial turf in Las Vegas.

Arizona River Rock

If you want something similar to Mexican beach pebbles but with more color and a stronger appearance, then Arizona river rock might be right for you. Unlike the beach pebbles that are most gray, these rocks are primarily brown and red. There are also some gray and white rocks here and there. These stones tend to have rounded edges, but they are sharper and more jagged than the beach pebbles.

This tends to draw more attention to the rocks and makes them stand out. It strengthens the appearance of your yard while giving it a river aesthetic.

Vista Gold Paired With Turf Grass

Vista gold is a unique stone that will bring attention to your landscaping elements. Unlike barkstone and its rich woody brown color, vista gold is a combination of somber browns and golds that make your yard look sophisticated and different.

Not only that, but the neutral profile works well with almost every flower and grass type that you choose. This makes it simple to pair with nearly any landscaping element.

White Quartz

If you enjoy the idea of contrasting colors and you really want your plants and Las Vegas turf to look as strong as possible, then white quartz might be right for you. This stone is a bright, shiny white that really glows in the sunlight. While it’s a powerful color on its own, the natural greens, reds, yellows and other colors from your flowers will really stand out due to the contrast.

Whether used as an accent or as your own landscaping rock, you’ll find this stone works quite well with just about all of your landscaping elements.