Creating an Amazing Pond With the Addition of New Features

Droughts can wreak havoc on your pond. High temperatures and ample sunshine can drain the water from your pond and kill any of the vegetation growing nearby. If you dislike the way your pond looks, you can try adding some new features to give it a fresh look that you will really like.


One benefit to having a pond in your yard is that you can sit outside and commune with nature as you think about your day or relax after a hard day. If you don’t want to sit right on the ground, you can add a gazebo that looks down over the pond. You may even want to build a gazebo large enough to accommodate all your friends and family members. If you don’t have enough space for a gazebo, you can add a small bench instead.


An easy way to change the look of your pond is with some landscape rocks. Use these rocks to create a border around the pond that keeps the water from spilling over the sides. You can stack the rocks higher to create a wall that keeps young kids and animals out of the water too. Depending on how tightly you stack the rocks, you may notice some small plants growing through the spaces in between the decorative rocks that add to the natural look of the pond.

New Plants

An even easier way to transform the look of your pond is with some new plants. Look for those that do well in the Las Vegas climate and those that can withstand constant exposure to water. Any rain that falls can make the pond flood and spread water to the surrounding plants. No matter how old your pond is, you can make it look brand new again with plants, rocks and a place for relaxing.