Vegas DIY Landscaping: 5 Ways to Use a Terraced Hillside

When you start to redesign your yard, you may be lost as to how you want the final result to look. Here are some landscaping ideas for Las Vegas homes that utilize materials that are easy to find and use for your project. Creating a terraced hillside can add charm to your yard.

Ideas for Using a Terraced Hillside in Your Landscape Design

Terraced hillsides are elevated areas that you create with retaining walls that can be built from pavers in Las Vegas that you buy from a landscape rock supplier. The terraced areas can be used in several ways. You can set up outdoor furniture and a fire pit for a small conversation area. Small gardens of vegetables, flowers and trees also do well in terraced hillsides because of the excellent drainage. Fountains also work well in terraced hillsides to create a sense of tranquility. You can set up feeders and flowering plants to attract birds and butterflies, bringing nature close to your home. If you have children or grandchildren, set up a terraced hillside as a separate play area with sand and equipment.

Complement Your Hillside Terraces With Pavers

Hardscaping in Las Vegas is an ideal way to conserve water without sacrificing a lovely backyard to enjoy with your family. Use pavers in other areas to highlight and complement your terraced hillside. In addition to creating paths through your yard, pavers are great for borders along the grass. Pavers can be stacked around gardening pots, and this ensures that your landscape design is cohesive in texture and color. Add some interest to your patio area with pavers that are installed with designs and variations of color.