Pavers are some of the most common types of stone used in landscaping projects. They can be used for patios, pathways, driveways and so much more. However, you don’t have to stick to basic uses for pavers in the design of your yard. Here’s a look at some of the more creative ways you can use pavers to improve the aesthetics of your home.

circular pavers

Create a circular pattern

A popular way to be creative with pavers is to form a circular pattern with them. This makes it easy to make your yard seem a bit more like a courtyard and you can even intensify the effect by adding pavers between a few objects. With a circular pattern, it’s possible to create a more defined space.

Use them as accent stones

Using pavers in Las Vegas as accent stones can help you put together a full plan for your landscape design. You can fill gaps with pavers and secure them with concrete to create a unique look that will set your yard apart from the others in your neighborhood.

Use oversized pavers to break up your yard

If you want to use larger pavers, one of the most creative things you can do is use them to break up the green grass or rock you have as a part of your lawn. You can also set up the larger pavers to make your lawn a little easier to maintain.

Create a playhouse patio

Maybe your kids have a playhouse in the yard that they love. You can use pavers to make the house a bit more realistic by adding a patio to it. This will allow your kids to enjoy the patio, along with the home.

Split up plants with pavers

When you put flowers and plants in between pavers, it can make them look even better. Many plants will grow low to the ground to make this possible, such as herbs or specific flowers. Find plants that work well when plotted between pavers and utilize these in your landscape.

Border your garden with pavers

Pavers are great for bordering a garden. You don’t have to build a fence around your garden if you use pavers, yet it will still become a defined area.

Create a platform with pavers

Your yard can gain a unique feel when you use pavers to create platforms. This is a great way to display flower pots or other items, such as statues in the design of your yard.

There are many creative ways to use pavers for landscaping purposes. Whether you use them to create an amazing backyard, a pathway or one of many other ideas, pavers can certainly add something special to your landscape.