Don’t settle for an average backyard. To create a truly stunning outdoor living environment, get creative with seating arrangements, craft projects, and more.

3 Great Ways to Add Personality to Your Backyard

If you want to transform your yard, there are many ways to add unique style to an outdoor living space. One of the easiest and most versatile ways, however, is by using an assortment of decorative rocks. Decorative rocks have the potential to turn your average backyard into something incredible. Here are a few unique ways to use decorative rocks in your garden or yard.

DIY Projects

Do you have kids? Enlist their help with a few decorative rock craft projects. For holidays, have them paint rocks in seasonally appropriate colors. Then help them arrange the colorful rocks along sidewalks and around the edges of your garden. You can also have them paint their names on the rocks, and then make a miniature rock garden that represents your family. These fun family activities are a great bonding opportunity, and they add pizzazz to a standard backyard.

Decorative Rock Seating

To create seating out of decorative rock, you may have to enlist the help of a professional service. Look for companies that sell decorative rock in Las Vegas, and ask them whether they can help you create the type of seating you desire. Decorative rock can be used to make everything from picnic tables to benches. Traditionally, this is accomplished using a rock-filled wire cage, also known as a gabion. This can be a stunning and unconventional addition to your backyard.


Decorative rocks can also be used to create or adorn fountains. If you’re looking for a slice of relaxation in the midst of your hectic life, fountains simply can’t be beaten. Consult with a rock company about the best style and placement for your backyard. If you already have a fountain, consider enhancing it with some well-chosen decorative rocks. By surrounding the perimeter of a fountain with beautiful rocks, you can add a great deal of visual interest. Choose rocks that suit your aesthetic tastes, and remember: be creative!