Unusual Ways to Use Large Rocks

Nevada lawns typically feature more rocks than green plants because the low humidity levels and warm temperatures aren’t conducive to most plants. While you may feel like your lawn looks just like all the others on your block, you can use large rocks and natural boulders in different projects to make your yard stand out. A professional can help you find the right boulders in Las Vegas to give your landscaping a unique and attractive look.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve a number of purposes, including preventing water from seeping deep into the ground, undermining your yard, as well as keeping uneven areas of your lawn from collapsing. Though you might think that you need pavers or flat stones to create a retaining wall, you can also use boulders.

Homeowners can use boulders to create unique retaining walls that are stronger and take less time to put up. These walls do not require the extra sand or dirt and water as do walls made from pavers.


If you love sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine, you can make a bench from a boulder. The best way to find the right boulder is with a trip to a local store or company that specializes in finding boulders in the desert and bringing those rocks back to the city. Take the time to sit down on a few different rocks to find one that is relatively comfortable. Your feet should sit flat on the ground when sitting on top of the rock. The best boulders are those with a natural U-shaped curve on the top that hugs the shape of your body, but you can grind down a suitable rock to this shape.

Porch/Deck Steps

Smaller boulders also make great steps leading up to the front of the porch or deck on your house. You’ll usually need to find rocks of different sizes and pay a professional to install those rocks for you. Professional installation ensures that the rocks will not slip out of place. These ideas are just some of the more unique ways to decorate with boulders.