Maybe you have pavers left over from another landscaping job or simply want to do something different, so here are some of the interesting options available to you.

Using Pavers for Outside-the-Box Ideas

When it comes to pavers in Las Vegas, homeowners have many options, including color and style. There are also many options for how those pavers are used. Designing walkways, patios and grill areas are common usages, but there are some not-so-common ways to use pavers to enhance your home as well.

Create Aesthetic Retaining Walls

While your average pavers aren’t suitable for use in structural retaining walls, not all retaining walls are structural in nature. If you have a property that slopes at points, for instance, then a retaining wall can be an effective way of giving an organized aesthetic to that elevation change. Pavers are a great choice for such a job because you have many choices for color and texture to complement the area.

Give Your Mailbox a Paved Look

If you have a mailbox that rests on a wood or metal post, pavers can be an excellent way to achieve a look similar to a brick mailbox design. Pavers may even be preferable to brick since you have more variety to choose from. You can completely surround your mailbox with pavers, or you can choose to build them up a quarter high, halfway or three-quarters high.

Use Pavers to Delineate Areas Within Your Yard

Pavers can also serve as borders. Use pavers to border a grass area used for bocce ball, or fill that area in with sand and use it for horseshoes. If you want a lounging area, you could use borders to create that and then fill it in with pea gravel or a similar stone, and that will provide a comfortable area for lounge chairs, lawn tables, lawn umbrellas and so forth.

Build Up and Tier Your Garden Beds

Similarly, you can use pavers to border off sections of a garden, but your gardens aren’t limited to just ground height. Use bricks or your least attractive pavers to create surfaces of any height, and you can actually stagger these surfaces to create a brilliant tiered effect that really adds to a yard.