Upcycled Garden Ideas You Should Consider

For those who are conscious about the amount of waste that occurs in the world, one practice that you may be trying to utilize is upcycling. This process involves repurposing an item for something else. Here are a few upcycled garden ideas you should consider for your non-waste garden.

1. Upcycled Garden Ideas: Pallet Porch

One item that always seems to be around is a pallet. While useful in the manufacturing sector, they often become abandoned. You could reclaim those pallets and turn them into a porch. Pallets are easily stackable and can make a sturdy and safe porch. Add a bit of paint to the wood, and you can customize the porch to exactly your standards. Perhaps the coolest aspect of a pallet porch is if you keep the slots exposed. This allows you to change or store items within the slots.

2. Mason Jar Lights

Perhaps you already have turf in Las Vegas to help make your yard energy-efficient. However, another way that you can help the environment is to reuse items. One item that can be easily reused is mason jars. Instead of filling them with various items, however, you can instead transform them into a beautiful outdoor light. Hang them together with some rope and cable and place them on a tree or the edge of your home. When the light turns on, your mason jars will create a beautiful light display. It’s rustic and can make anywhere feel just like home.

3. Tire Planters

No upscaled garden idea is complete without tire planters. If you happen to have spare or old tires laying around, then you could repurpose them into planters. They provide protection from the elements and various animals if placed on a raised platform like pallets. You can also paint the tires to make them even more garden-friendly. The real prize comes when the plants start to grow and flourish, popping out of your tire and creating beautiful and fun scenery.