What Landscaping Rock Colors Are Available?

You may be surprised to know that landscaping rocks come in a wide variety of colors and textures. If you are planning to landscape your front or backyard and are considering adding some different landscaping rock colors to your turf in Las Vegas, you can choose from light and dark shades, red, gold, and other colors to create the ambiance you want.

Decorative Landscaping Rock Colors From the Southwest

The Southwest United States features many different types of beautiful rock colors. The rocks can be cut into pavers or flagstones or made into several sizes of gravel.

Red granite has a deep red color that can be crushed into a fine powder for pathways or flower beds or cut into larger pieces as decorative rock for borders.

Light Colors

White granite can be blended with red flagstone to produce pinkish-beige gravel for between flagstones or along pathways. White quartz is a very white, sparkly stone that will brighten up your garden. Gray granite can be blended with brown granite for a rustic, natural appearance.

Dark Colors

Barkstone is often used instead of mulch in the Las Vegas area. Mulch will break down very quickly, but barkstone has a similar appearance and last for years. Another use is to accent light-colored flagstones, and it makes a great walkway.

Barkstone is a mix of sandstone and quartzite. The sandstone comes in several rich reds, oranges and browns, and the quartzite is mainly grayish brown. When these are blended, they create a lovely, natural ground cover that is used in the place of mulch. It is called barkstone because it has the texture of tree bark with the strength of stone. The color will not fade, and it provides good drainage for plants.

When you think about decorative rocks for your landscaping, look at the many colors that are available before you make a selection. You can use them for garden boulders, statues, gravel, borders and paving stones. They will add to the overall ambiance of your landscaping.