When landscaping in the Las Vegas area, desert-native plants such as the yucca are a good choice. Read on to learn about the yucca plant and some available varieties.

Include the Yucca Plant in Your Desert Landscaping

When you live in the desert, picking water-saving options for your landscape should be a primary concern. For instance, if you want to buy turf in Las Vegas for your yard, consider options such artificial turf. When selecting plants, desert-natives such as the yucca plant are also a wise choice.

What Is Yucca?

Yucca is a native plant to the Southwestern region of the US. There are about 50 different varieties that range from 50-foot-tall trees to small house plants. The yucca varieties commonly found in desert landscaping are small shrubs characterized by long, stiff, sword-shaped leaves. The blossoms cluster around the top of long stems that erupt upwards from the center of the plant. The creamy-white petals blend well with any color scheme. Perfect for the Las Vegas region, the yucca plant thrives in full sun with well-drained, sandy soil. They can be a striking addition to your yard, but most varieties need to be planted away from paths as their leaves are sharp and not comfortable to brush against.

Choosing a Yucca Plant for Your Yard

Several yucca varieties are commonly found in landscapes in the southwest. One of the most common is the banana yucca. This plant requires little to no maintenance and grows to about 2 feet tall. It may take two or three years to blossom. Another common variety is the soapweed yucca. The soapweed yucca’s flower spike can reach up to 4 feet tall, and the individual flowers are much larger than those on other yuccas. If you want to plant yucca near walkways or where children play, the beargrass yucca is a good choice as it has much softer leaves. Another advantage of the beargrass is that it has lovely-smelling blossoms.