As one of the easiest materials to work with in landscaping, flagstone is a very popular choice for many projects. It’s large and flat with a thin nature, that comes from splitting the layers of the stone. Flagstone can be used for many different projects, from paths to seating areas and much more. Here are some of the top reasons many people choose flagstone in Las Vegas for landscaping projects.

flagstone rocks

What makes flagstone a good choice?

Flagstone is a great decision for a variety of projects because it provides multiple options. It can be turned into a solid surface with stone or concrete, or it can be laid in mulch or plant beds individually. The texture is another reason why flagstone is frequently chosen for landscaping projects. It’s a great choice as a walking surface and for seating areas, since it has a natural non-slip surface.

Along with the texture, the color makes flagstone a popular choice in landscaping projects. The stone can be laid at a consecutive color, or with complimentary colors to provide a mixture within your landscaping.

What are the benefits of flagstone pavers?

Flagstone pavers provide plenty of benefits to go along with gorgeous color, texture and flexibility of the stone. Some of these benefits include:

  • Natural variety provides a unique element to your landscaping
  • Low maintenance with only a little upkeep necessary
  • Durability to help keep costs to a minimum
  • Ability to create a permeable surface to capture runoff and reduce water evaporation

The benefits of using flagstone make it a very popular choice for plenty of landscaping projects in the Las Vegas area.

Things to be aware of regarding flagstone

Using flagstone has a number of pros and only a few cons. Since this stone is very durable, low maintenance, flexible and has plenty of visual appeal, it’s quite popular. Flagstone also has an irregular shape, which provides many options for any type of pattern.

However, flagstone isn’t the cheapest stone out there. It can run from about $5 to $25 per square foot, which might be a tad costly for some landscaping budgets. However, if you find flagstone that is readily available, it can also be as low as $3 per square foot.

If you have the budget and you want to use one of the most flexible options in stone for landscaping, flagstone is a great choice. It can provide plenty of beauty to a backyard area, flower bed or a pathway. Find out how we can help you incorporate flagstone in your upcoming landscaping project today by calling (702) 566-7625.

Photo by Adrian Scottow