Reasons to Choose Holland Paving Stones Over Brick

When it comes to using paving stones for walkways, patios and driveways, many people only consider brick. While brick is one of the most common materials, that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Holland paving stones look like brick, but they are made from concrete. This makes them better than bricks in several important aspects.

Holland Paving Stones Are Durable

No one would say that bricks are weak because that would be lying. At the same time, concrete does have the advantage here because it’s even stronger than natural brick. Concrete bricks can withstand more punishment. They can also better resist the elements and should last longer than natural bricks. While natural clay bricks are durable, concrete is stronger. They’ll last a long time wherever you place them even if you buy turf in Las Vegas.


There is a natural charm to brick’s reddish color. While brick can come in other colors, the colors are limited based on the type of clay. It’s the clay that dictates the brick’s color and it’s hard to alter the color too much.

Holland stones don’t have this same limitation. Concrete can come in different colors and textures without compromising the stone’s strength. This allows you to make intricate brick patterns by using multiple colors with your patio, walkway or anywhere else you intend on using bricks.


Another reason to consider concrete over brick is its versatility. Brick is very limited in its shapes and sizes. That’s partly because of the material itself, but also due to the common casting methods. Concrete is easier to manipulate and can be made in various shapes and sizes. This makes it easier for Holland stones to meet your needs.

While most Holland stones are the same size as common bricks, they also come in larger sizes based on your needs. Consider this when choosing their paving stones.