Using Laser-Etched Stone as Pavers Personalizes Outdoor Space

These days there’s a way to elevate individuals and businesses who have supported your cause in the most meaningful and lasting way. What can express more lasting gratitude than to etch their names in stones that pave an often-used path or that line a hallway or a dedicated room.

That’s what you get from using laser-etched stone as pavers.

The etching on a stone like granite, marble or slate made by the precision of laser technology comes out beautiful and awe-inspiring.

You’d want to consider such a gesture as laser-etched stones elevate customization to a whole different level.

Stones Ideal for Laser Etching

Not all stones are appropriate for laser etching. Loose and grainy stones will certainly not work such as sandstone and conglomerates. But those that are tight-grained with a smooth surface are ideal. These tend to be metamorphic in nature. These rocks have gone through intense heat and pressure so that their surface tend to be homogenous.

These stones are chosen for laser etching include granite, slate, marble and basalt. Materials may also come from salt crystals, stone tiles and ceramic or porcelain.

Laser-Etching Personalization

What makes laser-etched stone unique is its capacity for personalization. Laser etching is so precise that you can etch a photograph of a person on a stone or any other material for that matter. That means you can either etch a person’s face or write a note in stone with the author’s signature. It’s that versatile.

Using Laser-Etched Stone as Pavers

Now, if you’re planning on laying pavers on your newly designed outdoor space, you’ve got an option to personalize your stones using laser-etching. Imagine having your wife’s name on a stone that marks her favorite spot in the patio or inspiring quotes laser-etched on stones at special spots in your garden.

Using laser-etched stone as pavers is an option you have, a design option when you buy pavers in Las Vegas.