Pavers Can Make Outside an Extension of Your Home

The nearly constant head of Las Vegas makes for a new set of rules when it comes to designing an outdoor space that will complement your home. By using pavers in Las Vegas, you can literally move from outside to inside without a break in the type of material used.

How to Choose Pavers That Will Complement Your Home

Let your intuition tell you if two colors or two materials feel right together. You might try some combinations overnight or over a few days and take notice of how you feel when you enter the room or a particular area of your yard. When you pass from inside your home to outside, do you feel a smooth transition, or are you jolted?

How to Incorporate Foliage Into Your Las Vegas Landscaping

Hot dry climates do well with xeriscape gardens as they require little to no water and you can leave them for months on end if you are apt to be away from home for long periods of time. Choose plants that you feel complement the color of your pavers for a garden that feels right to you. For the inside portion of your sanctuary, you have more freedom with greenery since you have control over heat and probably watering. It is your decision to incorporate the plants outside into the inside design, or you can break up the varieties of greenery so that they are related but not to the point of being identical.

Is It More Important to Focus on Inside or Outside Design?

As with all design questions regarding your home, the final decision is up to you. To help you to make that decision, think about where you spend most of your time. If you prefer relaxing inside in the cool of the air-conditioning, you would probably wish to spend more time and money on flowers and plants that thrive inside and flooring that is a pleasant temperature on bare feet. If you love being outdoors and your soul needs to feel the desert air whether you are barbequing or swimming or just lounging while you read, the choices you make regarding pavers for your patio and surrounding greenery will need more of a decision from you.