3 Tips for Accessorizing Your Home With Stone Accents

It can be difficult to find the proper decorations for your outside space. From plants to lawn ornaments to much more, your options are nearly endless and come with a ton of balancing against each other and the area you live. One thing that will always be there though is the humble rock. While they might seem inelegant at first glance, properly utilized rocks can make a world of difference in decorating a yard or other outdoor space. Here are three tips for accessorizing your home with stone accents you can use to accomplish this feat.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens have been popular since ancient times for their aesthetic qualities as well as the relaxing experience of tending them. The modern rock garden has so many ways to customize itself that you could fill a whole city with them without running out of ideas. They’re especially good for places with low rainfall where grass lawns won’t thrive, replacing most or all of the greener with stones that look just as if not more beautiful.


Pavers are large pieces of paved path that can be installed in yards for any number of effects. Whether as a path, as accent rocks, or any other reason, it’s always a good idea to buy pavers in Las Vegas. Pavers are especially good in spaces that are mostly dirt or otherwise barren of grass as they make a convenient stone pavement to step across and break up the look of the area.


It might seem a bit silly to just plop a big rock down and call it a day, a well-placed boulder is really something in a yard. Like any large object, a boulder can really anchor the rest of a space in place. The fact that it’s a rock also lends a naturalistic feel to the whole affair, making for an appealing overall look without feeling too manufactured or planned. In turn, this also helps to make the rest of the decorations in a yard look that much better.