How to Make Your Landscaping Low-Maintenance

If you own your own home, you may be familiar with the amount of time and energy that it takes to maintain the landscaping on your property. From trimming the trees to mowing the lawn, many steps must be taken to create an attractive property that is well-kept. If you want to create a low-maintenance yard that is easier to care for, there are a few necessary steps to take.

Add Drought-Resistant Plants

Consider adding plants that are drought-resistant to your yard if you live in a warm climate and experience high temperatures where you live. Drought-resistant plants don’t need a lot of water and can survive during heat waves, making them ideal to use if you don’t have the time or energy to care for them throughout the week. Russian sage, coneflower, and lantana will all add extra color to your yard and are ideal for sunny yards.

Use Artificial Turf

The lawn requires fertilizer, aeration, mowing and watering throughout the month to ensure that it can thrive and remain healthy. For the average person, it can be difficult to find the time or energy to maintain the lawn in each season. Using artificial turf is an ideal option to ensure that your lawn will continue to look healthy without needing you to mow or water it each week. You can buy turf in Las Vegas that will maintain its appeal and quality for many years to come.

Create Decorative Rock Gardens

More homeowners are choosing to install rock gardens in their yards to create decorative features that are attractive and don’t need to be tended to each month. Rock gardens can include different sizes and colors of rocks for added visual appeal and can even include streams of water. Consider adding a few succulents or greenery near the rocks, which will add a beautiful touch and won’t require additional upkeep.