Pavers are a popular choice for building backyard patios, but they can be used for many other purposes as well. Learn about three alternative uses for paver stones for creating a beautiful backyard landscape.

Three Ways to Add Backyard Beauty with Paving Stones

Paving stones, usually called pavers, are a beautiful way to create an outdoor living space such as a patio. Their smooth surfaces, natural colors and durability also make pavers in Las Vegas a great material for other outdoor creations. You can use the pavers to add visual interest and even works of art to your backyard landscape.

Stepping Stones

The flat surfaces of pavers make them ideal for use as steps. You can set them off with a border of smaller pebbles or river rocks and create a winding path around your yard. The paver stone path can protect the grass from being trodden upon and helps reduce compaction of your soil. Since the pavers will match your existing patio, your landscaping will have a consistent and cohesive finished look.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are an excellent addition to any desert landscape. Pavers set a beautiful foundation to your rock gardens. As the largest stones, you can use them to hold up smaller river rocks and other decorative touches. The pavers are also big enough in size that you could use them to hold your planters and rock garden statuary. Succulents such as tiny cacti do well when planted around the pavers, as the water that you give them will be shaded from the sun by the stones. Their root systems can grow deeply underneath the protective pavers.

Zen Gardens

If you are in need of a beautiful outdoor place to relax, a Zen garden may be just what you’re looking for. Instead of using a wooden box to make your Zen garden, paver stones offer just the right sort of solid base. You can even make a human sized Zen garden by using paver stones in a similar configuration as your patio. A border of flagstones and some sand complete your new space.