Unique Ways to Use Landscape Rocks in Your Yard

Many different features and elements can take your landscape up a notch and create a beautiful setting that draws more attention to your property. Landscape rocks in Las Vegas are increasing in popularity because they’re low-maintenance and are extremely durable when used in different types of climates. Here are a few unique ways to add them to your front yard or backyard to transform the look of your exterior.

Replace Mulch

Landscaping rocks can be used to replace mulch to create a more upscale look and are also known to be more durable. Mulch needs to be replaced every season, whereas rocks can last a lifetime and will look more decorative. The pale color shades of the stones in your yard will add extra contrast when placed near dark foliage and can brighten up dark or shady areas. Additionally, rocks discourage the growth of weeds near your plants to help them thrive.

Create a Rock Garden

You don’t need to have flowers to create a garden in your yard. Consider creating a rock garden that adds an exotic feature to the property and can fill in bare areas where other plants may not thrive as well. Consider adding the garden to an area of the property that gets a lot of sunlight and lacks shade. Start with a few large rocks that are surrounded by smaller rocks with different colors used for added dimension and visual interest. Nearby plants and flowers can grow up the rocks to create a natural design in the yard.

Create Borders

Creating borders is one of the most common ways to use different types of rocks in the yard to frame specific elements of features that you want to highlight. Borders separate certain parts of the property and can draw more attention to fountains, ponds, or sculptures. You can also highlight pathways with the use of rocks that frame the feature to guide people to certain areas of the setting.