How Stone Monoliths Can Be an Attractive Landscape Feature

Stone monoliths are simply single pieces of rock or stone. Traditionally, monoliths are known for being part of monuments or serving as single monuments. They usually consist of strong sedimentary or metamorphic rock like slatestone. Monoliths also have the potential to be used as natural and attractive landscape features for in Las Vegas. Keep reading to discover some of the possibilities with monoliths.

Use Stone Monoliths for Unique Pathways

A monolith is essentially a type of decorative rock, but it doesn’t have to remain in an upright position. For instance, if you have an appreciation for artificial grass in Las Vegas because of its year-round appeal and low maintenance, monoliths can be laid down to create equally attractive and durable pathways on top of this type of grass in certain areas. You can even create patterns as you alternate monoliths for your walkway or garden pathway.

A Perfect Companion for Your Las Vegas Water Features

Solid stone monoliths for landscaping purposes are often preferred around water features like fountains, garden streams, or koi ponds. With a little creativity and some attention to detail with the placement of your preferred monoliths, these hardscape accessories can also work well with backyard bubblers or gurglers, custom-designed backyard creeks, birdbaths, water walls, water falls, over-sized, oddly shaped fountains, and other more unique water features.

An Eye-Catching Natural Complement to Trees, Gardens, and Flowerbeds

The sky is literally the limit with stone monoliths in terms of how they can be effectively incorporated into your landscape. For instance, some Las Vegas homeowners prefer to use monoliths as a natural decoration between trees that are fairly close together, while others choose to use them in gardens or flowerbeds. Creating a climbing space for vines, separating sections of a larger garden, and making attractive, natural borders on your property are some of the many other possibilities to consider with monoliths in Las Vegas.