Thanks to the dry desert climate, creating beautiful landscapes in Las Vegas is a bit more challenging than in other areas of the country. Instead of struggling with landscapes that will continue to require a high level of water, many homeowners in Las Vegas have started using xeriscaping to create amazing landscapes. This term describes a landscape designed to eliminate (or at least reduce) the need for irrigation and other types of watering methods.

This type of landscaping has become popular in Las Vegas because of the weather being both hot and dry, the cost of excessive watering, the potential of a drought and the restrictions put on watering by the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Of course, homeowners still want a beautiful landscape and a xeriscape can still be quite attractive.

Decorative Rocks for Xeriscaping

Adding Beauty with Xeriscaping

The right combination of decorative rock in Las Vegas, yard furniture, pots, stands and other items will help any homeowner achieve a nicely xeriscaped yard. Of course there’s always the possibility of adding low-maintenance foliage that can withstand harsh desert climates with minimal water, such as Texas Rangers or Desert Fairy Dusters.

Key Principles of Xeriscaping

1) Water Conservation: This is the driving purpose behind xeriscaping. It may help to draw out a diagram of your yard when you are planning your conservation strategy, so you know where cutting back will be realistic and where it will be a major challenge.

After the water conservation has been planned, you’ll want to prepare the ground with soil amendment. This may include compost and ground covering to match the needs of the plants you plan to use. Choosing the right plants will make a big difference, as well. This principle involves picking plants that are tolerant to the area where they will be planted.

2) Efficient Irrigation: You want to ensure any water coming from artificial or natural sources is used properly. Making sure the water is distributed at the right time can help conserve more than you may think, as it won’t be lost to evaporation.

With the right mulch, the plan roots will remain cool and help keep the water from evaporating. If mulch won’t work in a specific area, using an alternative like turf is also a great idea! Turf is both low-maintenance as well as visually pleasing.

3) Continued Maintenance:  It’s important to preform small acts of routine maintenance to be successful with this type of landscape.

Xeriscaping is an excellent solution for Las Vegas homeowners. It provides a great way to create a beautiful landscape while helping the community to reduce water usage. If you’re not sure how to create a beautiful xeriscape, it may be best to hire a professional to help you out.