How to Create a Garden Haven for Bees

Beekeeping is not only a great hobby to enjoy at home, but it’s also an excellent way to grow your own beautiful flowering garden. When you keep bees in your garden, you can also grow your own crops that your entire family can enjoy. There are several steps you can take to provide a home for bees in your yard.

Add a Native Plant

As you start on your beekeeping journey, it’s important to add a native plant to your garden. Remember, you want the bees native to your area to feel at home. Perhaps you might want to plant your favorite Nevada wildflowers in your yard. There are a variety of colorful, fragrant options that are perfect for pollination. A few choices include orange agoseris, swamp onion and crimson columbine.

Eliminate Chemicals

Too many gardening agents, including fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, contain harsh, harmful chemicals that can adversely affect bees and other wildlife and the plants growing in your garden. Eliminating these products from your home can help boost your beekeeping efforts and benefit your family in the long run as well. Switch to natural compost as fertilizer and use all-natural ingredients to create your own mixture to tackle issues in your garden.

Allow One Pest

Garden bees are more likely to be attracted to your yard if there are other animals or insects around. While you might not want aphids, which can damage your precious plants, you may want to keep another type of pest around all the time. Whether it’s beetles, snails or even small animals, another living thing being present is essential to beekeeping.

Grow One Kind of Food to Attract Bees

Another best practice of beekeeping is to grow one specific type of food in your garden. One way to do that is to incorporate herbs or even tomatoes surrounded by pavers in Las Vegas. Garden bees thrive around foods that complement your climate and can help them grow.

These are great tips for keeping bees in your garden. You will see your yard thriving for years to come.