Your family dog can do a “number” on your turf when it runs, plays, rolls and does its business. You can take actions to protect the turf from dog damage and keep the grass looking good and feeling great.

How to Protect Your Turf and Grass from Dog Damage

The family dog likely spends quite a bit of time in your yard. Dogs go outside to run, play and do their business. If your dog is also doing a “number” on your turf in Las Vegas, it is time to take action to prevent any further damage. These tips will help you to protect your turf grass from damage caused by your family pet.

Create a Special Business Spot

Dog urine can turn your turf brown. An uncollected pile of dog droppings can quickly cause the turf to deteriorate. If possible, train your dog to use a separate, mulched area that is next to your turf but not a part of it. The mulch will be able to withstand the salts in dog urine, and it will be easier for you to clean up after your pet.

Mowing High

If a separate spot for your dog’s business is not an option, you can take action to protect your turf in other ways. Mowing high can help to prevent damage to the blades of grass. Set the mower’s blade to 3 to 3.5 inches. The added height also helps to boost the turf’s resistance to moisture loss and heavy activity, such as when your dog runs laps.

Rinsing the Brown Spots

If your dog seems to have a favorite area to do its business, you can go outside after and rinse the place where your dog urinates. Rinsing the area off with water helps to dilute the salts from your dog’s urine. If you are under water restrictions, you could collect grey water from the shower or the sink, so long as there are not any soaps or detergents in it. It is important to note that your dog’s favorite urination spot may grow faster and look greener.