What to Consider When Planning a Scented Garden

Choosing landscape rocks in Las Vegas may be easy, but trying to figure out a scented garden brings its own challenges. How can you choose both scent and color? What scented flowers should you stay away from? Here are a few tips to consider when planning a scented garden.

1. Flowers Aren’t the Only Option for a Scented Garden

When most people think about gardens, they think about blooming flowers and water features. However, if you want to have a scented garden, then you don’t have to choose just flowers. There are plants like Boxwood that offer pleasant aromas as well. You’ll likely find that quite a few bushes emit musky or fresh scents that are pleasing. Trees can also offer scents like a fresh pine tree or willow trees. Including trees into your landscape design could make your scented garden look stately.

2. Watch Out for Repellents

If you have pets, then you should be aware that certain scents are repulsive to them. Some plants are even toxic. Planning a pet-friendly space should be just as important as planning a scented one. You’ll want to stay away from plants that carry citrus with them. The scent of citrus is too strong or acidic for many dogs to handle. The last thing you want is to drive your dog away from the yard. You should also be wary of how potent the scents might be for your children. Those with sensitive senses or with breathing problems may find the strong aromas to be difficult to live with.

3. Know Day-Flowers from Nocturnal-Flowers

One last aspect to keep in mind when planning a scented garden is to know which flowers bloom during the day and at night. You may choose a flower based on its look and scent only to find that it only blooms at night. Do some research before planting.