Learn about solutions to help you prevent insects, weeds and other problems from developing with your turf grass. You will also learn some things to avoid in order to protect the health of your newly installed grass.

Three Things You Should Keep Off of Your Turf Grass

Maintaining a healthy lawn can be a source of pride. Understanding the necessary lawn care to maintain healthy turf grass will allow you to enjoy your property. When caring for your turf in Las Vegas, be sure to keep these three types of things away from the lawn.

Car Fluids

The turf is not designed to handle the pressure of a vehicle’s tires or any fluids that may drip from the vehicle. If you handle your own car washes at home, avoid doing this in a location where the detergent and water will drain onto your turf. You will also need to avoid parking on the grass. If you change your oil yourself, avoid draining the old fluid onto the lawn.

Animal Droppings

Dog, cat and other animal droppings and urine are not healthy for the turf. Not only does the decomposing waste attract insects that are often pests of grass, but it can also damage its root system. Clean up after your pet as soon as it has relieved itself. You could also water the area that the pet is using as a bathroom to help rinse the waste away. If neighborhood animals are getting into your yard and leaving waste behind, consider installing an electronic fence to keep them out.

Furniture With Jagged Edges

Lawn furniture with jagged edges causes physical damage to the turf. Whenever possible, only use lawn furniture on prepared surfaces such as decks and patios. If you have other outdoor accessories, such as a swing or bird bath, consider placing them onto a prepared surface. When this is not an option, consider moving the furnishings and accessories to a new location every couple of days. This can help to relieve the damage caused to the turf.