Types of Locally Sourced Landscape Rocks to Choose for Your Las Vegas Yard

With their range of colors and contrasting textures, locally sourced landscape rocks add a decorative touch to your yard. Also, rocks from your area add to the distinctive local appeal of your Las Vegas home.

What Are Decorative Landscape Rocks? How and Where to Use Them

When you hear the term landscape rocks, you may be thinking of landscape boulders. Landscape rocks actually are stones, pebbles, and gravel that can be substituted for sidewalks to create rainwater-permeable pathways around your property. Locally sourced decorative rocks also provide contrasting colors and texture around trees and plants in flowerbeds while holding flowerbed soil in place and retaining moisture in the soil, just as mulch and groundcover plants do.

Types of Landscape Rocks

Landscape rocks in Las Vegas come in sizes that range from small stones of from 2 inches to 4 inches to three-quarter inch pebbles and half-inch gravel. Colors include stones that are predominantly gray, red, brown, gold, or white that include embedded blends of other colors. Decorative rocks can have sharp edges or the water-smoothed shapes of river stones. You’ll also find crushed granite in red, white, or gold which works well when placed around flagstones.

How Do Locally Sourced Landscape Rocks Save Money and the Environment?

Locally-sourced Southwestern landscape rocks reduce the costs of transporting the stones from more distant locations. Less fuel is used during the transport, and that also reduces the environmental cost and impact of shipping the stones.

In addition, when you use landscaping rock around trees or create a rock garden or the look of a dry riverbed, you reduce the size of the grassy areas around your home. Most grass types require a lot of water to survive in Las Vegas’s dry, desert climates, so reducing the size of the grassy areas around your home not only reduces your water bill but also reduces the demand on the local water supply.