Artificial Turf

Living in a desert climate has its benefits, but the heat and lack of rain also present significant challenges in landscaping your home or business. While many people still have grass lawns, trying to keep it looking lush and green all year long can cost a fortune. This might help explain why we’re seeing more and more homes and businesses with artificial grass in Las Vegas. Artificial grass is an excellent desert climate landscape option as it provides the same look and usability as real grass without all the drawbacks.

Desert Friendly
The average yard in Nevada is around 15,000 square feet. If you had a yard this size that was completely covered in grass, it would require well over 100,000 gallons of water per year just to keep it alive. This amounts to a considerable amount of waste, especially in a desert climate where water conservation is so critical. The massive amounts of water that lawns waste is why the Las Vegas Valley Water District has banned planting new grass in front yards of homes and also put significant limitations on how much grass can be planted in back and side yards. This is one reason why landscaping your yard with turf in Las Vegas is such a great option. Since it never needs watering, you won’t need to worry anymore about water conservation with artificial grass.

Looks Great All Year Long
Despite the amount of water it takes to keep a lawn looking green, many people still prefer the look of grass to desert landscaping. The only problem is that real grass will still start to yellow and look dead during the winter, no matter how much you water it. This is another thing that you won’t need to worry about if you choose artificial grass since it will look lush and green all year long.

Almost Zero Maintenance
Mowing and weeding a lawn takes a lot of time or can cost a lot of money if you hire sometime to maintain your yard for you. To look their best, grass lawns also need to be fertilized yearly and aerated occasionally. This is another area where artificial grass is far superior since it requires almost zero maintenance. You may need to occasionally sweep leaves off your lawn or use a leaf blower, but that is the extent of maintenance required to keep your lawn looking great.

Perfect for Children and Pets
Lawns are great if you have children, as you obviously don’t want your little ones playing in rocks or other common types of desert landscaping. If your family has pets, having grass versus rocks or gravel also makes it much easier to clean up after them. This is another major bonus to having artificial grass installed, as you will still enjoy these benefits without any of the drawbacks or hassle of real grass.

Another thing to consider is that you never need to worry about using pesticides or fertilizer with artificial grass, which means that it will also be much safer for your pets and kids than a real lawn. Plus, you also don’t need to worry about mud being tracked inside your home or your dog digging holes in your yard.

Lasts for Years
Artificial turf in Las Vegas will typically last between eight and 20 years, depending on which turf you choose. Once your lawn is installed, you won’t have to worry about it again for many years. The fact that turf lasts so long also means that it will end up saving you quite a bit of money compared to all that you’d have to spend to water and maintain a real grass lawn.

Another thing to consider is that even with regular maintenance, real grass can still die due to disease or other issues. If your grass lawn were ever to die, you would most likely be unable to replace it due to the limitations on planting new grass in Vegas. This isn’t an issue with turf since you can easily replace it once it starts to degrade.

At Parsons Rocks, we are your local experts for artificial grass in Las Vegas. We carry a wide selection of different turf products, which makes it easy for you to find the perfect look and style for your home. We can also supply you with river rocks, boulders, pavers, and everything else you need to create the perfect desert landscaping. Read about desert landscaping ideas here.