Any item that is left outside will experience some weathering. If you want to protect your natural stones from the weathering process, you can take some simple actions that do not require much time, effort or money.

Three Ways to Minimize Weathering of Your Flagstone Landscaping Features

Flagstone is a popular type of stone that is used on exterior home walls, retaining walls, garden walls, water features and other types of landscaping installations. Flagstones in Las Vegas are exposed to intense heat, extreme temperature changes, direct sunlight and winds on a daily basis. To protect your beautiful flagstone from natural weatherization processes, you can try out these three tips.

Rinsing With White Vinegar

When you water your lawn or garden with tap water, mineral deposits may develop in thick layers on your stone landscaping. If your flagstones have developed a scaly buildup, you can rinse them with a dilution of white vinegar. Mix one part of white vinegar to one part of distilled water and pour or spray it over the affected flagstones. This mixture removes mineral buildup such as salts, calcium and lime deposits.

Power Washing

Power washing is a good solution for flagstones that have etching lines from sand and dirt. In many places, the wind tends to blow from the same direction on most days. The constant onslaught of dirt and sand particles can etch the flagstone. Pressure washers can remove the sand and help to smooth out the etching lines. Once the stones are clean, you could also consider sealing them to provide further protection against etched surfaces.

Specialty Stone Cleaners

When vinegar solutions and powered jets of water will not get rid of the mineral buildup and signs of weathering on the flagstone, consider specialty stone cleaners. These products are available from hardware and home improvement stores. The products contain harsh chemicals, so you will need to carefully follow the directions and protect your body and any plants, grass or flowers near the flagstone. These stone cleaners quickly dissolve minerals deposited through weathering. After the solution soaks for a while, you rinse it off the stones.