Three Types of Mushrooms That Love Growing in Turf Grass

After a period of rainy weather or over-watering of your lawn, you might look at your turf in Las Vegas and see mushrooms growing in it. The presence of mushrooms in the lawn means that there is too much moisture. These three common types of fungi could grow in your turf, and it is important to work with your landscaping professionals to get rid of the fungi as quickly as possible.

Inky Cap Mushrooms

One of the most common types of lawn mushrooms that you might find in your turf grass is the inky cap. These belong to the Coprinus genus of fungi. They get their name from the dark fluid that oozes from the cap as it decomposes. These mushrooms are a sign of too much moisture in the soil. Your landscapers could adjust the amount of water that your lawn is receiving in order to reduce the risk of having these mushrooms return in your lawn.

Stinkhorn Fungus

The stinkhorn fungus is aptly named because it secretes a foul odor from its cap. This odor attracts flies and other insects. The insects pick up spores, which allows the fungus to spread to new parts of your turf grass. Your landscaping professionals will need to dig these mushrooms out of the lawn as quickly as possible so that insects do not have a chance to spread them to new areas.

Puffball Mushrooms

Puffball mushrooms show up in the turf grass when there is insufficient drainage of water. When these fungi are young, they are cream to golden colored. The stalk is spherically shaped, but its interior shows the darker spores. As the mushroom matures, its ball opens up and exposes the spores. A light breeze is all that is needed to spread the spores around the lawn.