How to Prepare Your Turf for the Wintertime

Wintertime in Las Vegas is not as cold as it is in many parts of the country, so lawn care is not as intense during this time of the year. When you have artificial turf in Las Vegas, you will need to arrange for quarterly maintenance. These preparations will help your artificial turf perform well during the cooler weather.

Clean the Turf

The winds during autumn may leave deposits of dirt and sand on the artificial turf. It is important to sweep the turf or have it professionally cleaned. If you have any trees or shrubs in your landscaping, their shed leaves may be in the turf. These can be raked out with a plastic lawn rake. Leaf blowers are not recommended for use on artificial turf grass.

Fluff Flattened Spots

If you set up a picnic table, kiddie swimming pool or other outdoor equipment during the summer and autumn, they may have flattened some of the artificial turf. These flattened areas can be fluffed up with a plastic lawn rake or a plastic-bristled brush. Doing this evens out the appearance and helps get your home looking good for your holiday guests.

Check for Damage

When doing your winter home and lawn prep, take a few minutes to check for damage to the artificial turf grass. Perhaps you got your barbecue grill too close to the turf and caused a small burn. Maybe your dog uses the same area as a rest room, and the plastic has experienced some fading or discoloration. A properly maintained turf lawn can last for as long as 20 years. If you notice areas that are stained, torn, smell bad, burned or sagging, it is important to arrange for an inspection.