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Updated 5/28/21

An outdoor patio is a perfect way to expand your living space and enjoy nature’s beauty. Especially where we are located in Las Vegas, we have beautiful weather all year round. Outdoor patios are also an easy way to add value to your home in 2021. If you are thinking about installing a backyard patio there are some things you should know before starting the work.

A paver patio that does not have proper drainage could result in erosion, foundation damage to your home, and a risk of insect proliferation. You can work to improve the drainage of your home’s paver patio by following these simple steps.

How to Ensure That Your Pavers Have Good Drainage

A patio made from pavers in Las Vegas is a beautiful and functional addition to your property. One of the key las vegas paver installationconcerns with covering the soil in your yard with a patio is the proper control of runoff from heavy rains to protect your foundation from erosion and insects. When your patio is built, it is important to follow these steps for ensuring proper drainage.

1. Lay a Good Base

The base of your patio is an essential part of protecting your home’s foundation from water damage. If sand is used between each of the pavers, water will naturally percolate through it until it reaches the base. If the base consists of sufficient gravel and sand, the pavers will stay put. If the base is not thick enough, the paving stones could sink or the sand could wash out, causing shifting.

las vegas paver installation2. Sloping the Patio

A simple way to handle heavy rains around your patio is to slope its base. By sloping the base material, gravity will naturally drain the water away from your home, preserving its structure. Be sure to have the base of your patio graded at a rate of one-quarter of an inch per linear foot of the patio’s surface.

3. Installing Drains

If water stands on your patio after a downpour, consider the installation of a drain. A drain constructed of PVC pipespatio ideas can be built under the paving stones and run to an area that can handle the outflow. The PVC pipes can have holes drilled into the bottom for percolation of water, or they can release the water at another location. A French drain system at the edge of your paver patio can be done on your own or hired out to the landscaping professionals. The water can be delivered to your flower beds or garden area.

Why Choose Pavers?

Paving stones or “pavers” are a great investment for your home. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, but they are extremely versatile and can be used to customize the exterior of your home. Pavers are particularly popular in Las Vegas and fit in perfectly with southwestern styles of houses.

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