Rock Garden Ideas Incorporating Artificial Grass

Using artificial grass is the perfect way to cut down on the amount of lawn care you must do so that you can spend more time doing what you want to do. While it is perfect in many scenarios, one of its best uses is in beautiful rock gardens. Choosing the right landscaping rocks is essential to creating a beautiful garden. Consider these rock garden ideas.

Secluded Dining Area

If your yard slopes, create a tiered rock garden and use landscape pavers to create steps connecting the two areas. You can tuck away a dining area in the most secluded spot that you can use throughout the year when you place artificial turf into this area. Then, use succulents and xeriscape plants in the other part to create visual interest from all angles. Surrounding them with artificial grass will reduce the number of weeds you must pull or incorporate smaller rocks around the plants. Furthermore, using artificial grass and rocks will help stop erosion.

Stream Rock Garden With Artificial Grass

Whether you have a natural stream running through your property or need to construct one, you can turn it into a beautiful focal point using artificial turf and rocks. Surround the stream with rocks to give it a natural appearance. Then, place some larger stones in front of the pump you use to recycle the water.

Zen Rock Garden

A Zen garden uses carefully arranged river rocks to mimic the movement of water. Usually, gardeners carefully position the rocks on their sides. Most Zen garden landscapes have several rock gardens separated by a small distance. This is a terrific place to use artificial turf, so the area always looks perfect. Consider adding a small area of pea gravel that visitors can rake while thinking. You can add a fire pit or a copper bowl designed to hold fire to your garden design.

Rock Garden Near Hardscape

Rock gardens, especially those constructed of larger rocks, are peaceful places that encourage people to linger for a while. Therefore, they are perfect near your hardscape seating areas. Use manufactured grass between the rocks to form a border. This is an excellent idea if the wind near your seating area often makes it a little cool because you can position the rocks as a windbreak. Placing the artificial grass near the seating area encourages everyone to kick off their shoes and walk through the area barefoot.

Statue Rock Garden

Many people use a Buddha statue as the focal point of their rock garden, but you can use any statue that you find attractive. Then, set the statue on a piece of artificial grass and start surrounding it with rocks. Generally, the stones should be smaller than the statue, so the viewer’s eye naturally goes to the focal point. If that is not possible, consider building a mound of dirt where you want the statue to be before placing the manufactured grass over your dirt pile. If you enjoy flowers, use them to form an outside border around the space or use pavers.

Rock Pond

Rock ponds can be any size, so adding one can be an ideal choice if you have a small yard. Start by laying out a circular design with bigger rocks. Place a waterproof liner at the bottom of the circle so that the water will stay in your pond when you are finished. Then, fill the bottom of the ring with smaller rocks before adding water. Surround the outside of your pond with artificial turf.


If you have an eye for art or know someone that does, you can use rocks to build a beautiful mosaic. Usually, simple designs work best, such as starting with a round center stone and placing rocks around it with straight edges to create a simple flower shape. You can use pavers around the mosaic to draw attention to it. Complete the project by placing artificial turf around the design.

Rock Statue

You can build a statue out of rocks. For example, place three small boulders with straight edges in a line and position uniform round rocks between them. Then, fill in the area surrounding the rocks with smaller stones. Finally, add a synthetic grass border to keep the area looking tidy.

Rock Entryway

Use rock to create an arched entryway to your property. This especially works well if your home has a particular style. For example, if you live in a ranch house, make the arch look like you are going to visit a farm, but if you live in a Cape Cod house, use white rock similar to those found in that region. Once people walk through the arch, greet them with wide open spaces created with artificial grass.

Showcase Plant

While many people try incorporating many plants into their rock gardens, you can do the opposite. Start by placing a large paver in the middle of the garden space. Then, add a specimen plant in a decorative pot. Place smaller rocks around the paver that will complement the colors of the pot. Consider adding spotlights so people can see the plant at night. Finally, surround the rocks with synthetic grass. You could also do a checkerboard design around the pot by alternating pavers and turf, as long as you are careful that the design does not become too busy.

There are many ways to build rock gardens using rocks and synthetic grass, so use these ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Once you decide on an idea, head to Parsons Rocks to get grass, landscaping rocks and pavers to complete your project.