patio ideasFun Patio Ideas for Encouraging Family Play

Today, most people spend a significant fraction of their time glued to their devices, from smartphones to television screens. Without an active lifestyle involving physical activities, you are likely to fall victim to various lifestyle diseases. However, with a spacious yard and outdoor playtime, you can encourage physical activities in your household. Space in your yard may not be the only way to get your family to engage in physical activities. There are fun patio ideas you can try out to motivate your family to play. A patio provides a fun and relaxing place where you and your family can spend time together engaging in various outdoor activities. Finding the right idea for your patio can be difficult, especially if you don’t know much about outdoor décor. Below are a few ideas you can pick for your patio to encourage family play.

Build a Cabana

Cabanas are a popular site along beach houses to provide an interrupted view of the land. However, you can build one in your backyard. Instead of building a complex structure, you can implement the simple nature of a cabana and install a shaded zone in your yard. A cabana is relatively easy to build and can be approached as a DIY project. All you need is wood or PVC funnels and curtains to wrap. You can also get creative and add more features such as bent irons and sails to give it a unique look. This can be a good outdoor living space. After an afternoon of playing on the lawn, you can add comfortable seating and rest.

Add a Sandbox

A sandbox is a creative and ingenious way of encouraging family play. Sand play is one of the best ways to get your children out of the house. They can burrow, pour, fill, and get creative with sand using their scoops and buckets here. Playing in the sand helps your children develop engine and muscle skills while promoting dexterity. Sandboxes are also easy to build, with several online tutorials to guide you. However, you will need to regularly change your sand to avoid attracting pests and other allergens.

Barefoot Patio Ideas

A barefoot patio is a good way to decorate your yard and make it more inviting. Your yard may be full of clearing stones that may not give off the best picture at first. However, you can plant ground spreads such as bison grass or Las Vegas artificial grass to create a luscious garden patio that is comfortable for the feet. This is not your typical DIY project; you should consider working with a landscaping expert specializing in hardscaping. This way, they can choose the best decorative rocks for the job — that is, if you don’t have clearing stones in your yard. Get these tips on choosing the best artificial grass for your dog!

Install a Chalkboard Wall

Drawing on the sidewalk is fun, especially when you participate as a family. However, this can be treated as an offense, attracting fines in some areas. You can install a cool chalkboard divider in your backyard to encourage family play. Aside from providing extra security, this installation offers a fun place you and your family can converge to enjoy a little bonding time. However, it’s best to remember that normal chalkboard paint won’t work for you outdoors. You should consult your contractor or research the best paint to use. To install a chalkboard wall, you need one or two concrete sponsor boards with carefully selected chalk paint. This way, you can provide your family with a nice spot to practice their ABCs while enjoying an outdoor ambiance.

Outdoor Campsite

Once in a while, you and your family need to enjoy a cool night under the moon without worrying about the cold. An outdoor campsite on of the best ways to enjoy the fun side of a campsite without going to an actual campsite. This is also the best way to build interest in younger kids for outdoor activities. The first step to building a campsite is to locate a suitable spot in your backyard where you can set up camp. Once you find the right spot, clear the roots and stones to provide an even surface to set up camp. You can choose to use a temporary tent or a patio teepee for the camping site.

A campsite is never complete without a fire. You can get the contractor to build you a fire pit or roll up your sleeves and tackle it. Be sure to install an outdoor table that doubles up as a marshmallow roasting station.

Create a Floating Deck

A floating deck is also a clever way to add life and texture to your garden or yard. This patio idea is an effective way of encouraging family play while saving money on materials such as stumble frames. You can use different decorative designs to make the deck more inviting. For instance, you can forego the panels and fill them with vegetation or bentwood. For comfort, you can add a dining set where you and your family can enjoy outdoor meals. Don’t forget to add a small section where you can enjoy a little barbeque. The size of a floating deck varies based on the number of people you are looking to host. If it is for your family, then a small one is perfect.

Make a Natural Playscape

The whole idea behind remodeling or installing your patios is to encourage your family to explore the outdoors more often. A natural playscape may seem like the best way to get your children, both young and old, to explore outdoor activities. There are different types of playscapes you can choose for your backyard. These vary from turf grass to adding sand and a few loose pebbles in your yard. You can also include sawed-off tree stumps you can play with and logs to use as parity beams. Researching various ideas for a natural playscape can help you get the best out of the project and promote an active lifestyle in your household.

Build a Picnic Shelter

A picnic shelter can be functional or decorative based on your outdoor lifestyle. However, it’s an excellent way to promote an outdoor lifestyle. You can build a huge picnic pavilion or a small space to host a family party. You can add a metal shade and include benches and a table where you can enjoy meals. Be sure to choose a suitable spot in your garden to set up this structure.