• Buckskin Flagstone is a soft earthy tan tone sandstone flagstone. We stock the large, or select sizes of Flagstone, which are 4-6 square feet per piece of flagstone. We are happy to sell the flagstones by the pallet or by the individual pieces. SOLD By PIECE.  
  • Oak Flagstone

    Oak Flagstone is a light brown color with some dark brown pieces in it as well. Paired with Gold Fines for grout, the Oak flagstone makes for a great patio and can be installed in a weekend by Parsons Rocks or you can do it yourself. SOLD By PIECE.  
  • Rosa Flagstone

    Rosa Flagstones are a deep red hue with streaks of pink running through it. When combined with red or pink fines it makes for a beautiful, affordable patio or pathway. SOLD By PIECE.  
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