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How to Mulch Your Plants with River Rocks

By |2015-03-10T15:00:16-07:00March 10th, 2015|Blog|

River rocks are an easy, low-maintenance way to landscape your yard. The rocks are environmentally friendly, promote water conservation and add beauty to the landscaping. A Guide to Mulching Your Plants with River Rocks Rocks are an affordable and environmentally friendly way to add color and visual interest to your Las Vegas landscaping. When used

Painted Pebbles: Colorful Hand-Painted Rock Art

By |2012-08-25T15:50:25-07:00August 25th, 2012|Painted Rocks|

Rock painting makes for a fun rainy day activity for both kids and adults and is an easy and creative way to add some color to a uniform desert rock landscape. While painted rocks can look adorable anywhere, they'll stand out best when intermixed into a sea of white or gray landscape rocks. Check out

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