artificial grass

Factors to Consider When Selecting Artificial Grass

Artificial grass makes a patio, playground, or any other space look more appealing and lively. However, selecting the best can be a daunting task because the market offers various types and brands to choose from. Different companies are making different types of turf grass for specific uses. Considering the following elements will help you confidently select the best “fake” grass for your space.


Just like any other product, synthetic grass is available in different qualities. The best quality is polypropylene, polyethylene, or polyamide. It also has a soft feel, a consistent color, and has well-stitched tufts. It is also likely to be more expensive. The high price should not deter you because it will save you more in the long run.

You should find manufacturers or suppliers with a variety of products. Compare to select the item that you find most appealing. If you are purchasing online, request the supplier to send you samples to avoid buying artificial grass that you do not even like.

Weight and Density

These two factors determine the durability of the artificial grass Las Vegas. The density of the synthetic grass is the number of artificial yarns per square foot of Las Vegas turf. Dense artificial lawns look more natural. Additionally, they will serve you for more years because they are more resilient to heavy foot traffic.

The weight of the “fake” grass often indicates its quality in that high-quality synthetic grass weighs more. You should pay attention to the amount of weight that your house structure can withstand if you are installing the grass on a rooftop bar or high-rise condo.

Color of the Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass is always green to give the space a natural look. However, you can find different shades of green. The common ones include olive green, lime green, and dark green. A product with a combination of all the shades is better than the perfectly green type because it will make your lawn look more natural and appealing.

Ensure that you take the samples outside and evaluate how great each color will look in the sun. The sampling will also give you an idea of how well the turf will complement the landscaping boulders.

Traffic or Usage

What will you be using the synthetic grass for? How often will you be using it? These are important questions that homeowners should ask themselves when determining the best product for their needs. Different types of synthetic grass are designed for different uses.

For example, synthetic grass intended for a play area or family lawn is designed to withstand heavy traffic and high usage. On the contrary, ornamental artificial grass is designed for improving the garden’s aesthetic and can only withstand low traffic. Pet-friendly laws can only handle pets’ urine and excrement. Selecting an artificial lawn created for the specific purpose you have in mind will help it last longer.

Pile Height/Blade Length

The best pile height or length depends on the buyer’s taste or preference. For instance, some homeowners prefer long blades while others prefer the size of freshly cut grass. Long blades are tempting because they create a luxurious look several days after installation. However, they start to bend over with time as they lie under their weight.

This change will make your lawn look flat. You will have to use a lot of time and effort to make the long blades stand again and offer an optimum look. To achieve a more natural look, you should consider selecting a blade length or between 30-37 millimeters. These blades are easier to maintain than the longer ones. It is essential to know that you will still need to stand them up through brushing once in a while.

Infill and Backing

According to artificial grass manufacturers, homeowners should infill the Las Vegas turf to keep it looking springy and lush. They can use different infill materials, such as sand and rubber crumb. The selected material will depend on your budget and preference.

Synthetic grass has latex or polyurethane backing. The difference is that polyurethane does not expand or contract while latex shrinks and expands, depending on the heat. If you are installing it in an area with extreme weather conditions, you should consider the former.


Just like natural grass, synthetic grass also requires maintenance for the lawn to look more appealing. It will also expand the turf’s lifespan. The advantage is that turf grass requires less maintenance. When buying this product, ensure that you understand how often you will need to care for it because some types need more care than others.

If your daily routine is hectic, you can consider hiring professionals for artificial lawn maintenance. The weather in your area is also a determining factor. For example, the turf grass will require more care if you live in a rainy area. Additionally, falling debris from various sources like trees will necessitate more maintenance.

The simple thumb rule is that the more expensive the grass, the less the maintenance costs. To reduce the maintenance costs, it is advisable to purchase high-quality artificial grass that will not require much time and effort to look amazing. Read about the materials used for creating the perfect patio here.

The Price of the Artificial Grass

The price is an equally important aspect to consider when choosing artificial grass Las Vegas for your lawn. You can find many types of affordable types that suit your goals. The good news is that most of them are reasonably priced.

However, you should not focus on price and neglect other factors that guarantee that the synthetic grass meets all your expectations. This will help you be confident about your long-term investment and install the turf Las Vegas comfortably.

Product Warranty

You should check whether the manufacturer offers any warranty for the turf grass you intend to buy. You might have selected a high-quality and durable product, but some unpredictable things might happen. For example, the synthetic grass might fade or lose its original appearance and feel.

Having a warranty will give you the confidence and peace of mind that your investment is protected if anything goes wrong. For example, the manufacturers will incur replacement costs if the turf falls apart. Product warranties depend on various factors, such as brand and quality. You should consider finding a company that offers a guarantee of at least five years.

Overall, artificial grass is an affordable and time-saving secret to an eye-catching space. The turf is a considerable investment, meaning that you should choose it wisely. Considering various attributes, such as color, weight, density, foot traffic, and maintenance, will help you make an informed decision. Sometimes, homeowners tend to focus on appearance alone. Of course, the artificial lawn must look good, but it should also perform excellently and serve you for as long as possible.