artificial grassChoosing Artificial Grass for Your Dog’s Enclosure Is Advantageous

Your dog is considered to be an important member of your family. They can improve your day when you are feeling down. They are also a good excuse for getting adequate exercise. However, owning a dog means making sure that they get adequate food, water, and exercise. It is also important that your dog is comfortable. Lining your dog’s enclosure or kennel with artificial grass can make it more comfortable for them to play and relax.

Sturdy and Long-Lasting Artificial Grass

Real grass can be uneven and have the occasional muddy patch. Synthetic grass allows your dog to play on a durable surface. The reinforcement of the synthetic grass blades makes it possible for your dog to engage in rough play. It also makes cleaning up easy.

Unlike real grass, your dog will not be able to dig up turf grass. The turf will not be affected by your dog’s urine. Some of these turfs have perforated backing, so liquids can drain out easily. In fact, it can drain up to 60 liters a minute. It can dry faster than real grass.

Despite the weather, synthetic grass will always look good. Weather can affect how natural grass appears. It can turn brown if it is too hot or if there is not enough water. Your synthetic grass will always look green as it is UV-stabilized. Synthetic grass usually lasts around 15 years.

Minimize Plant Allergies

You may not want to put real grass in your dog’s kennel as some pets have allergies. Dogs are allergic to a lot of the things that humans are allergic to. They can be allergic to pollen as well as certain grass varieties. Symptoms of these allergies include rashes and eye irritation.

Growing beautiful grass may require the use of fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals can cause damage to your dog’s health as well as exasperate any existing allergies. If your dog is allergic to airborne allergens, chemicals can cause them to experience severe upper respiratory problems. The tissues in their mouth and nose can become irritated and swollen. This can cause sneezing and coughing.

If your dog is exposed to harsh chemicals, they may develop skin sensitivity. Their skin can become red and inflamed. They can also experience patchy hair loss. If your dog is itching and scratching incessantly, this can also point to allergies.

You can find out if your dog is experiencing an allergic reaction by taking them to the vet. The vet can diagnose the issue and prescribe medication for your dog. Once the vet alerts you of the fact that your dog is experiencing an allergic reaction, you can take action to rectify the issue. With turf grass, you do not have to worry about allergies.

Easy to Take Care Of

You can pick up solid waste easily, just like with real grass. So you can continue to use pooper scoopers to collect the waste. The synthetic grass has a flow-through backing that is knitted, which is great for liquids. It has antimicrobial protection.

With natural grass, you have to patch up muddy holes from time to time. Your dog is unable to dig through the artificial turf, and they do not get muddy. You also do not have to water artificial grass. Unlike natural grass, you do not have to mow turf grass or remove weeds from the grass.

The sand infill in the synthetic grass adds structure to the turf. As soon as the turf is settled, it will need to be brushed from time to time. It needs to be brushed in different directions, so the turf remains bouncy.

When choosing a broom to brush the turf, you need to pick one that has stiff, natural bristles. Areas of the turf that are used more often require more brushing to prevent them from looking trampled.

Fewer Pest Issues With Artificial Grass

Pests love damp soil because they are able to stay hydrated and access food. In residential areas, you will find fleas and ticks in the soil. Putting synthetic grass in your dog’s kennel means you can avoid having to go to the vet due to a tick-borne illness. You can also avoid a pest infestation.

Pests, like mosquitoes, like standing water. In low spots of your lawn, water can accumulate. There are areas of your lawn that may not even drain because they are hardpan. With synthetic grass, you do not have to worry about standing water. The turf is flat in your dog’s enclosure, which means liquids will not pool in one area.

Dogs Can’t Tell the Difference

Your dog will not be able to tell the difference between real and synthetic grass. Synthetic grass is soft, which means they will enjoy playing on it. It tends to heat up on sunny days, which means your dog always has a cozy, warm spot to enjoy afternoon naps. Your dog can go outside on rainy days as you do not have to worry about mud.

Just like with natural grass, your dog can relieve themselves on synthetic grass. Selecting the right infill eliminates the harsh feeling of the synthetic grass foundation. You want to choose an infill that is coated in sand, making the artificial turf feel soft. The great thing about the infill is it is nontoxic.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

You can buy quality artificial grass at an affordable price. Purchasing recycled artificial grass is one way to save money. The recycled grass is restored, so you cannot even tell it was previously used.

When it comes to long-term use, synthetic grass is a better value option in comparison to natural grass. You do not have to pay to take care of a lawn. You are also helping the environment by using recycled artificial grass as opposed to it being thrown away.

Call a Professional

Many dog owners consider covering their entire yard in synthetic grass to avoid the headaches that come with maintaining natural grass. You do not have to worry about harmful chemicals affecting you and your family. When it comes to installing synthetic grass, you should call a professional. At Parson Rocks, we can help you replace your lawn with artificial turf. We also provide decorative rocks in Las Vegas and landscaping boulders to improve the aesthetic of your yard. Contact us today for your landscaping needs. Discover these patio ideas for your family here!