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Warm Your Home With A River Rock Fireplace: Here’s How

By |2012-12-27T23:34:41-08:00December 27th, 2012|Blog|

The natural, warming appeal of river rock is an easy and beautiful element that homeowners can bring indoors. Although the river rock look is typically seen in camps or cabin-style homes, it can work in many different homes will many different themes. To install a river rock fireplace, you'll need just a few tools and

3 Examples of Cool Rock Sculpture Art

By |2012-12-19T19:21:05-08:00December 19th, 2012|Blog|

Rocks come in all different shapes, colors and sizes. One rock by itself is nothing artistic, but when combined with other stones and pebbles, can be crafted into art sculptures. Here are three unique rock creations that form sculptures, suitable for an art museum. Footsteps A simple rock pattern of one larger rock with five

Rocking Hard: Ideas for Landscaping with Rocks

By |2012-11-27T17:42:06-08:00November 27th, 2012|Blog|

Gardens and landscapes gain fresh appeal when they contain natural elements like rocks and boulders. Ideas for landscaping with rocks take advantage of the visual heft and form of the materials to enrich the garden with depth and dimension.   photo credit: The Consortium via photopin cc The effects of using rocks in landscaping can

What Is Xeriscaping?

By |2012-11-25T17:33:37-08:00November 25th, 2012|Decorative Rocks|

Las Vegas homeowners face several challenges to maintaining appealing landscapes. The climate is dry and hot. Watering restrictions are in place and an ongoing drought makes conserving water essential. In light of these issues, many homeowners might wonder, what is xeriscaping? Xeriscaping is a way of landscaping that reduces the need to rely on water

A New Look: Natural Pools and Swimming Ponds

By |2012-11-20T22:26:20-08:00November 20th, 2012|Decorative Rocks|

Putting a pool in the backyard doesn't have to mean laying a boring deck and adding a diving board to the deep end. In fact, if you want to create a unique outside environment, take a look at these nature-inspired swimming pools (or ponds), and consider doing something like this to create your own backyard

Fun and Fierce Hieroglyphics and Where to Find Them

By |2012-11-15T17:59:22-08:00November 15th, 2012|Blog|

As evolved humans, we often take our roots and our past for granted. Living in busy Las Vegas, this is especially true. However, there are treasures for those local history buffs who are interested in something more than modern day affairs. Just be ready to pack up the car and go on an adventure. photo

Rock Out! Tessellated Pavement In Tasmania

By |2012-10-26T09:00:57-07:00October 26th, 2012|Blog|

Tessellated Pavement is quite a sight to see. The pavement is created due to a unique erosion feature. The erosion is formed in flat sedimentary rocks on some ocean floors. Due to the erosion,  the rock fractures into polygonal blocks that closely resembles tile, or in other words "Tessellations". You can find the famous tessellated pavement in Tasmania.

Famous Rock Attraction: Ale’s Stones

By |2012-10-19T09:00:50-07:00October 19th, 2012|Blog|

Ale's Stones, otherwise known as "Ales Stenar is located in Scania, which is in the southern part of Sweden. This megalithic monument consists of one stone ship that is 67 meters long and is surrounded by 59 large boulders of sandstone. Each boulder weighs up to 1.8 tonnes. Legend has it that King Ale, a

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